Our mission is to enhance the well-being and beauty of the community by assisting people in growing fresh produce, providing locally-grown food to people in need, increasing social interaction in the community, and creating an educational garden in an attractive setting.

Annual Meeting / Membership Renewal or Sign Up

Lots of people braved the threatening winter weather to attend our annual membership meeting held Monday, February 23 at the Stone Center.  At the meeting, gardeners renewed their memberships as well as plot assignments for the upcoming year.  We elected a new treasurer, Steve Threlkeld, found a garden member, Ashley Brewer, who is willing to write a monthly newsletter (look for our first issue soon), and members at the meeting discussed what worked well in 2014 and they'd like to see in 2015.  We'd like to thank Steve and Ashley for stepping up and mention that we're always looking for members who are willing to help lead the garden!  If you're interested, please contact us.  Some areas of particular need:  we are looking for one or more garden members to join the Garden Committee, to help the Garden Manager (Tiffany Bensen) in week-to-week management of the garden during the active growing seasons.  Also, we are still needing a Compost Czar, who is willing to manage the compost bins, moving the piles and turning them when needed.  If you can potentially help with any of these needs (or in other ways that you can think of), please contact us.  On your membership form, you can also volunteer to help with Communications, Landscaping, Education, Community Harvest, and Fundraising; we will do a better job this year following up on your willingness to help in those areas.  Lastly, at the meeting, members voted to accept a few changes to our rules; see the 2015 Rules and Guidelines.

Increased plot fees:  You may notice on the updated membership form that plot fees have increased a bit for 2015, to help offset costs of running the garden, and to make them more proportional to the 3 different plot sizes. Plot fees will now be $10 for 4’ x 8’ plots, $20 for 10’ x 16’ plots, and $25 for 16’ x 16’ plots.  Kids 3’ x 3’ plots are still free for members.

Can you write a little bit?  We have a couple of members who are willing to contribute a one-time or occasional short piece (300 words) to the Eating Well feature in the Oxford Eagle, but would welcome a few other gardeners.  Articles could include a recipe using fresh produce along with a short plug for the garden. Surprisingly, many people in Oxford don’t yet know about the community garden, and we’re going to try a few new ways this year to get the word out.

(on that note: please tell your friends about the garden!)

A couple of gardening notes:  If you have renewed your plot this year, take the first nice day we have to visit your plot and get started!  If you aren't planning to plant until spring, now is a good time to do two things: 1. Turn some decomposed leaf mulch / leaf compost into your soil, to add organic matter. 2. Add a big thick layer of leaf mulch to the surface of your plot soil. This will prevent weeds from taking over your plot during the next couple of months, and then will gradually incorporate into your plot soil, adding nutrients and organic matter. There are two big piles of leaf mulch at the north end of the garden—one is more decomposed than the other. Please dig into either or both! We also have a big pile of woodchips. Our garden pathways always benefit from maintenance:  take an hour to remove the weeds from the pathways around your plot, lay down some cardboard, and put a nice layer of woodchips on top.

Become a part of the Oxford Community Garden, located next to the OUT Bus Depot (the former grounds of the National Guard Armory grounds) on University Ave at Bramlett Blvd.
See map for directions.  And take a look at this satellite image.

The best way to contact us is by writing to oxfordcga@gmail.com.  Emails sent here will be read by the garden president, Jason Hoeksema.  

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We are publishing a newsletter intended to serve members, plotholders and the Lafayette-Oxford-University community.

Visit our newsletter page to view the inaugural and subsequent issues by clicking here.

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1.       The old-fashioned way: print and complete this form then send it with your check via the US Postal Service (our PO Box is on the form).

2.       The new-fangled, electronic, way:  go to our Membership Page, and follow the instructions for finding and completing the form, which you can email to OCGA (oxfordcga@gmail.com).  Lower on the page, choose your fee schedule on the drop down menu and pay through PayPal by debit or credit card or with your own PayPal account.

Become a gardener at the Oxford Community Garden

See the Garden Layout for a map of the garden.

Contact oxfordcga@gmail.com for information about signing up for a plot and getting started.

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