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Garden News

June 25, 2012:  Garden Layout Improvements

In order to bring our common garden resources inside the fence, the Board voted to change the existing fence line to extend it north of the garden
to create a large space within the fence where we can store wood chips, leaf mulch, and compost.

Below is a schematic (definitely not to scale) that shows the planned changes:

-the dotted lines represent new fence line (or gate as the case may be),
-the existing northern edge of the fence will be removed (shown as gray in the schematic)
-the western double gate will be moved to allow truck access to the area north of the blueberries,
-the northeastern entrance gate will be moved to keep access from the skate park side,
-and we'll place a picnic table in this new area under the shade of the existing trees (marked as green circles below).

Also, the shed will be moved directly back, so it's up against the fence.
No decision has been made about where to re-situate the arbor that currently protects the shed door.
We are considering two options:
1)  move it back with the shed so it functions the same as it does now,
2)  place it on the side of the shed to provide protected storage space for big tools (e.g., wheelbarrows).
(If you have a preference for one of these ideas, contact the Garden Committee to express your opinion:  ocgagardencommittee@gmail.com)

A drinking fountain will be installed at the northeast corner of the shed, where it will be shaded for the hottest parts of the day
(the little blue circle next to the shed is the fountain location).