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Membership and Gardening in the Community Garden

Become a member of the Oxford Community Garden to show support for the garden and it's mission!
Members receive periodic updates and notices by email about garden workshops, events, and activities.

Members interested in gardening in the community garden may become Plotholders, if a plot is available.

If you would like to become a Member:
Click here for a printable version of our membership form, or, right-click on the link to save the form to your computer.
2.  Complete the form (fill in by hand or within Adobe), providing your contact information and indicating "Membership only;"
3.  If you'd like to become involved with a committee or help in any other way, please indicate that on the form and we'll contact you, then
4.  e-Mail the form to us at oxfordcga@gmail.com and pay using the PayPal option linked below.

If you would like to become a Plotholder as well:
1.  Follow the steps above for membership, but before sending your form,
2.  Email our President, Kathy Wachter, to inquire about plot availability and wait for a response;
3.  If a plot is available, complete the Annual Plot Fee section based on Junaid's response, and pay the amount associated with your plot size (which includes the membership fee) by check or PayPal.  If by check, bring your check your Orientation meeting.
4.  Please read a copy of the Rules and Guidelines before starting to garden your plot.

If you are planning to share a plot with an existing Plotholder, follow the steps to simply become a member and arrange to split the plot fee with your partner.

Submit payment via Paypal by clicking here:

Email your completed form to oxfordcga@gmail.com, and indicate how you have paid or are paying your fees.