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Support the Garden

(This list is also available to download as a PDF from the bottom of our home page.)

Things we would like to have built:

1.      Ramp into shed

2.      Materials, design, and labor for awning next to shed (part, but not all, of this will be built for an eagle scout project – need materials for whole thing)

3.      Garden benches or chairs  with backs and picnic tables or other tables, in both child and adult sizes (see      http://kaboom.org/build_a_playspace/side_projects/Seating)

4.      Produce rinsing station:  sturdy table with sink (we have a sink) plumbed to attach to hose and to drain into compost

5.      Bulletin board, weather-proof

6.      Racks and bins in shed to organize tools

7.      Large, exterior chalkboard on shed or by fence (see:  http://kaboom.org/build_playspace/side_projects/how_build_chalkboard)

8.      Entry arbor (we will have funding for materials)

9.      Pavilion or gazebo (that can one day be moved if necessary)

10.   Rain gutters and rain barrels to catch rain from shed/awning

11.   Sandbox or small play structure (no treated wood)

12.   Two short wooden fences to hide compost

13.   Garden shed (we have one but could use another)

Note: for these projects, wood in contact with ground can be pressure treated (e.g., bench legs), but wood in contact with people or produce should not be pressure treated (e.g., bench seats).  Our ability to supply materials will vary depending on our finances and the project. 


Other possible group work contributions:

14.   Gardening in community harvest or other communal plots

15.   Landscaping labor

16.   Weeding/ mulching/ path maintenance

17.   Maintenance/repair of tools and hoses

18.   Maintain blueberry bed.

More info:  email oxfordcga@gmail.com


Materials Needs and Wants

Essentials (or near-essentials)

1.      Drinking fountain

2.      Irrigation supplies: timers, hoses, drip lines/soaker hoses, nozzles

3.      Floating row cover

4.      Tools*, used but serviceable is fine
(spades, hoes, pitch forks, pruners, garden knives, small hand tools)

5.      Wheelbarrows/garden carts*, used is fine

6.      Tarps (for covering compost/ hauling chips)

7.      Organic fertilizers and pesticides

8.      Materials for walkway construction in front of Garden

9.      Materials for awning next to shed

10.   Materials for raised beds (no treated wood; plastic lumber or cedar would be ideal)

11.   Sign (need a Garden name first)

12.   Bulletin board*, weather-proof

13.   Blueberry plants

14.   Tubs – 3-10 gallon


Non-essentials - but would be really nice

1.      Tall garden stakes

2.      Rain barrels and gutters

3.      Garden benches*

4.      Picnic tables*

5.      Tailgating tents

6.      Entry arbor labor

7.      Pavilion or gazebo (portable)*

8.      Sandbox or small play structure (no treated wood)*

9.      Portable sink stand

10.   Tin, used (for putting under/over compost piles)

11.   Donations for fundraising raffles/drawings


* projects that may be appropriate for service groups, youth groups or scouts (including eagle scout projects)