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Support the Garden

Things we would like to have built:

1.      Garden benches or chairs with backs and picnic tables or other tables, in both child and adult sizes*

2.      Bulletin board, weather-proof*

Note: for these projects, wood in contact with ground can be pressure treated (e.g., bench legs), but wood in contact with people or produce should not be pressure treated (e.g., bench seats).  Our ability to supply materials will vary depending on our finances and the project. 

 Other possible group work contributions:

4.   Gardening in community harvest or other communal plots

5.   Landscaping labor

6.   Weeding/ mulching/ path maintenance

7.   Maintenance/repair of tools and hoses

8.   Maintain blueberry bed.

More info:  email oxfordcga@gmail.com

* projects that may be appropriate for service groups, youth groups or scouts (including eagle scout projects)